Saturday, July 18, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Now I had already knew that there was some changes and add ons to the HBP movie. And I had generally excepted that. Though I always hate when things are taken out, it wasn't bad at all. There were many funny parts and the certain ways people acted on potion was so fun. XD

However there was a little bit of an issue with the not so suddle signs of characters liking each other. Instead of giving little hints at it, they made it very very obvious. I think it would have been nice for them to tone it down a little. However over all I really liked the movie.

This movie only made me love Draco Malfoy more than I already had. I felt so sorry for Draco and could see the toll his task had put on him. It was one of the things I loved most about the new movie. And of course Dumbledore was played quite well and the end was very sad as I had already expected.

Just some random thoughts about what I thought of the movie, but with being careful not to give away anything. ;)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

4th of July

Usually most years on the 4th of July me, my brother, and parents are off on some vacation where you can see some pretty sweet fireworks. However, this year we all have been taking seperate vacations. My brother went to Florida with his friend Sara, Mom and Dad are going to Florida for the 4th of July, and Me and my friend Caree are going to Branson at the end of August.

Though this is the time that Mom and Dad are taking their vacation, my brother is going to Chicago with some friends. So that leaves me here alone during the 4th of July. However even though I am not leaving the state for the 4th of July as the rest of the immediate household I am hanging with my friend Jon for 4th of July. Though we don't have tons of plans. Just going to eat out, maybe rent a movie, and possibly going to the family park to see some fireworks. Woot.

I'm hoping Mom and Dad take my on air conditioned car to the airport so I can use Mom's car that has the great air conditioner. But it should be lots of fun. For everyone me thinks. Plus I will have the pool to myself for a couple days. XP

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pool fun.

Dad just opened the pool yesturday and it feels so good. Nice and cool. A great break from the horribly hot weather we are having. But supposedly the hot weather is gonna co down a bit. Now that the pool is open, I welcome the heat. Because now there is a nice place to cool off.

Note to self: this blog writing via cell phone is probably best done outside the pool. XP

but no worries. I have got no water on the phone. But I should put it down so to avoid dropping it in the pool.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Okay. Normally when the power goes out I expect to see some rain or signs of heavy wind. But this morning there is not a cloud in the sky and no sign that it ever rained. Yet no power.

Whats odd is that dad woke up my brother at 2 am asking if he noticed the power was out. Most people dont notice thing like that when they are asleep. Yet somehow he did. *eyebrow*
I didnt even notice til I woke up and heard our generator running and my bro told me.

Anyway, more randomness from Beauty via cell phone blogging since the generator cant keep the internet on.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fandoms Unleashed

Check out my new blog about everything related to my favorite. . and least favorite fandoms. I have started off the new blog with a link to a new musical. Harry Potter the Musical. You heard right. A Harry Potter Musical, Check out the new blog for more information.

New Blog Already?

Well, as I was randomly thinking about the many fandoms I enjoy. . . and hate. I thought about making a whole new blog dedicated to the fandoms. A place where I would share my theories, ideas, annoyances, and other such stuff. All things realated to fandoms, fanfiction, and such.

Though I can technically get all that stuff out here if I wanted to, a seperate blog might be a good place to keep that organized. I will continue to think about it and it may go up sometime today . . . . or tommorrow. I guess it really depends on how I am feeling at the time. XP

This is really just a test to see how blogging via cell phone works. XP. I am able to do it but I had never tried it yet. Here we go...