Tuesday, June 30, 2009

4th of July

Usually most years on the 4th of July me, my brother, and parents are off on some vacation where you can see some pretty sweet fireworks. However, this year we all have been taking seperate vacations. My brother went to Florida with his friend Sara, Mom and Dad are going to Florida for the 4th of July, and Me and my friend Caree are going to Branson at the end of August.

Though this is the time that Mom and Dad are taking their vacation, my brother is going to Chicago with some friends. So that leaves me here alone during the 4th of July. However even though I am not leaving the state for the 4th of July as the rest of the immediate household I am hanging with my friend Jon for 4th of July. Though we don't have tons of plans. Just going to eat out, maybe rent a movie, and possibly going to the family park to see some fireworks. Woot.

I'm hoping Mom and Dad take my on air conditioned car to the airport so I can use Mom's car that has the great air conditioner. But it should be lots of fun. For everyone me thinks. Plus I will have the pool to myself for a couple days. XP

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  1. That sounds fantastic...fireworks and movies and eating out and doing nothing strenuous all day. Hope you have fun! :)