Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gaia Drama: Trying to Help

So I know that the followers of this may not exactly know much about Gaia, but I had something go on there with a "friend" that I wanna get out.

To make as much sense as possible I will give a bit of information about Gaia.

Gaiaonline is a community site in which you can save up gold in order to buy items for your avatars. There are many exclusive items that you need gaia cash for and are quite expensive to buy in the marketplace. There are forums and games that are good ways to earn gold. They have mentioned many times on Gaia that you should never give account information to anyone because admins and mods on Gaia will never ask for it.

Now lets be clear I had made this "friend" during an event on Gaia. She was trying to save up for an expensive item and I helped her out by donating tons of gold. I also gave her a list of charities on gaia that could help her too.

I am going to refer back to PM's because it is hard to remember every little thing, some places I may even quote.

She PM'd me with a link to a place that was supposedly giving away free gold. It sounded very inky since they never do that. And I checked it out. And this place asked for the persons username, e-mail, and password on gaia. So I replied to her that she shouldn't trust that site and that gaia never asks for someones password no matter what the circumstances.

Then she replied that she did it and gold like 1 million gold and gave some to friends. And that Its not a scam and I should try it. Of course I still wouldn't do it and I replied again.

"You may have got the gold, but I would change your password if I were you. I have been hacked before without using one of those sites. It's beyond suckish and takes forever to get your account back if you even do. Gaia says they will never ask for your password and it is not something I trust when they do."

She said I should try it anyway and that I should wait one day to see if it works. And I was still suspicious because I have been on Gaia for over 2 years and I know their rules and what is legit.

To which she said that she understood and that but the admins on the site use it which is why they need your password. I replied:

"That just doesn't make sense to me. I think I am going to e-mail and admin about this."

And of course I immediatly went to find a site admin that was online at the time and could respond promtly.

(At this point I will point out that I am not quoting her, because her english is . . . .well. . . suckish.)

She said that she didn't care what I did and that she tried it on other accounts and nothing bad happened so whatever. I simply said that it's fine if she wants to risk that, but I have been hacked before and it sucks when you lose all of the stuff it took you two years to get. And I didn't want to go through that again.

Then she said I could send all of my items to her if I was worried about it. Then she asked me for gold. And said that she gave some to friends and her friend hacked her and stole some of it. Um, wasn't that my point in the giving passwords away.

So I said:

"I won't be doing that. I PM'd an Admin and they told me it was a password phishing site and to not provide any information. So I will not. I knew there was somthing inky about it. And I would change your password. Whoever the person is now has yours and you wanna change it before they get the chance to hack you."

She said she knew "for sure" that it was a admin. Despite the fact that I talked to an admin myself about it. And tried to say you could sign up to be a mod, which is stupid in and of itself. And I told her that I reported it anyway as the admin suggested.

Then she said she did it with several accounts and said it worked and she didn't know what my problem was. So I replied again.

"I don't have a problem. At least not with you. I don't like the people who use those who are desperate for gold to get others private information. Places like that are how some people get hacked and lose everything. Though I have never used on of those sites I know what it feels like to lose everything. And I will do whatever it takes to stop that from happening to anyone else. I'm sorry if that upstes you. But it what I have to do to protect fellow gaians."

The last thing she has said was that I wasn't thinking about other gaia members and that I was being selfish. And that I don't know what it is like to want something and not have the money for it. And she said that everyone on gaia is mean and that nobody helps you out. And that the site is the only place where she can get gold and that I am not helping anyone but my self. Which made me mad and so I replied this last:

"I don't know what it's like? I have had a worse experiance then being new and poor. Though everyone has been there. I had tons of gold and items. Thing I had worked my butt off for 2 years to get. And one day I try to log on to find that someone had taken that away. I had to start all over. I lost everything. All my items, gold, cash, and worst. . . My name. That was more personal than anything. We all had to work hard to get gold. That's the point. And I want to stop anyone from going through a hacking like I did. I understand so much what it's like to try to get enough gold for what you want. Do you know what it's like to try to saveup for something you want that was stolen from you? And you are trying to tell me that nobody is willing to help? I donated over 100k to help you out. When you were a complete stranger. There are helpful people out there. But I guess you are going to ignore everything I did to try to help you."

She hasn't replied after that and she should be embarressed to if you ask me. She is likely going to get into trouble for using the site anyway and I personally think she deserves it.


  1. That sounds kind of...well...fishy. I don't get why she cares so much whether you use it or not, unless she created the site herself. And telling you that you could give all your stuff to her...well, it sets off red flags.

    But then, she could just be naive. Some people just don't get it. Not until it happens to them.

  2. Will people never learn from that? It's always a scam! I remember how upset you were when you got hacked, rightfully so. In her case, she's asking for it though. Sounds like she doesn't want real help, she wants pipe dreams, which is what she's going to get and deserve. Maybe she'll learn her lesson when she is hacked. You can only do so much, Beauty, but you did the right thing in at least trying to talk sense into her. I don't see how you're being mean or selfish or whatever, but she probably sees what she wants because she's the one being selfish and just wanting gold for free. Oh well.